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So you want to write your first blog post? But don’t know how to start, right? Writing your first blog post can be challenging, andthat’s why you need to watch this video. Hey everyone I’m Rahul from LearnDigitalwithRahul.comand in this video, you’ll learn how to write your first blog post. I’ll be sharing my 10 tips to help you writeyour first blog post. So let’s get started! 

#1 Decide what to write If you have never written a blog post earlier,the first challenge is to decide what you’ll write about. Pick something you are passionate about andalready love reading, talking, or listening about. If you are passionate about something, you’lllove writing about that as well. 

#2 Have Subjective Knowledge Before you start writing about any particular topic,you need to have prior subjective knowledge about that topic. If you already know about that topic, that’sperfect, if not, go and read other blogs, magazine articles, books, anything you canget information from. Do your research and once you have collectedthe information, start writing. 

#3 Write Headline First 9 out of 10 people will read the headlineand only 3 out of them will read the content. So always start with a catchy headline thatattracts readers attention. If your headline is not attractive, no onewill read your article. Also, writing the headline of your blog postfirst makes sure you don’t go away from the topic. 

#4 Start Writing Most people spend hours, days, or even weeksto write their first article, why? It’s because writing for the first timecan be fearful and lots of negative thoughts come to the mind. But you don’t need to overthink, simplyget yourself out of any fear and start writing. 

#5 Make Article Skimmable Proceed with proper content that readerswill love. A good piece of content is between 500 words to 1000words, anything less than 500 words is bad for SEO perspective and more than 1000 wordsis annoying to readers. So break them in small paragraphsand make the article skimmable so that readers don’t find it boring.

 #6 Be Yourself When you are starting to write your firstblog post, it’s easy to get attracted towards other successful writers and copytheir writing style. But don’t try to copy anyone’s style. Write in your own style, be yourself becauseyour writing style is your brand. 

#7 I and You Rule While writing contents, always think as ifyou are talking directly to the reader and the reader is sitting before you. This makes your article interactive and you’llbe talking directly to your reader. Use (I and You) throughout your article. 

#8 Use Attractive Images Use images in your blog posts because “Images do the talking” and sometimes they do theexplanations in a much better way than what your thousands of words can’t do. So use images in your blog post to make itmore beautiful and professional as well. 

#9 Formatting Tips If you ever visited those boring websites from 90s era, you must have noticed how toughit is to read those articles as the writer didn’t format the articles for better readability. Don’t be one of those writers. Use proper writing formats and consider:using bullet points to make it simple andcatchy, bold letters to emphasize, headlines categories such as h1, h2, h3 etc.whenever required Proper formatting is crucial as it makesa good impression and provides a better reading experience. 

#10 End with Call to Action What a reader should do after reading yourblog post? Don’t keep them hanging in the middle, let them know what to do next. Always end up with a call to action. A call to action can be anything dependingupon your preferences but not more than one. End up your blog post motivating your readersto do something like asking their views about the topic, asking a question, or simply arequest to share your blog post. So these were the top 10 tips to write yourfirst blog post. 

Hope you’ll learn from these tips and willbe able to write your first blog post. If you enjoyed watching this ARTICLE, please hit the like button and share with someone who you think might get benefited from this ARTICLE. And if you want to become a better writer, follow the first link in the description below and download your checklist to writing amazingblog post. And before I go, question of the day: Howoften do you write every week? Do let me know in the comments below.  

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