Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Price: ₹1,25,500.00 - ₹38,990.00
(as of Jun 19,2022 06:59:21 UTC – Details)

Kuro Gaming Prebuilts and Custom Built Computers are designed to work flawlessly under Stress and ensure Optimum Performance. Be it for Professional E-Sports or Casual Gaming, Streaming on YouTube or Twitch, Video Editing, Content Creation, 3D Animation & Modelling.
B450M Chipset, 8GB DDR4 RAM
120GB SSD (up to 400% faster, over 3X the life expectancy and 9X the durability vs. traditional HDDs)
Gaming Benchmarks: Rainbow Six Siege (1080p) ~ 60 fps on avg (able to match the discrete Radeon RX 550) /Doom Eternal (lowest settings at 1080p) ~ 45-50 fps on avg Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (1080p @ medium quality ) ~ 101 fps on avg Dota 2 (1080p highest quality) ~ 80-90 fps on avg F1 2020 ~ 50-60 fps on avg
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Trial | For Support or Any Customisation Queries Please Contact Kuro Gaming at 81-8198-8198

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