Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Price: ₹1,999.00 - ₹749.00
(as of Jun 16,2022 01:26:40 UTC – Details)

bluetooth headset
[CRYSTAL CLEAR & CRISP AUDIO] : Now, you can tune into your favourite music with the conviction of a good listening experience. The audio output through Harmonics 400 is just very crisp and precise to hear!
[TYPE C CHARGING POINT] : The Harmonics 400 wireless sports headset has the quite distinct Type C charging point and hence is quite amiable. The headset hence gets quickly and much efficiently charged!
[SOFT SILICONE CASING] : The wireless sports headset is going to be a comfortable companion for the long run. Since it’s a wireless sports headset it fits the purpose for usage while playing any sports where comfort becomes priority!
[12 HOURS PLAYTIME] : Once fully charged the headset can stretch the play time to upto 12 hours which is very useful in case you have a long journey up ahead. It also works the deal if you are short on time and rushing ahead!
[POWER SAVING MODE] : The headset is enhanced with a very useful feature, that is the power saving mode, wherein it shuts itself off when left on standby mode. This ensures that the headset has a good longevity.
[MAGNETIC LATCH] : The earbuds are magnetic in nature and hence get latched onto each other when they are not in use. This feature keeps the earbuds safe from tugging which eventually could lead to damage to the earbuds and the drums.
[VOICE ASSISTANT] : You can aptly use your phone’s voice assistant through the headset and also make maximum use of it without even touching your smartphone. The headset promptly acts when the voice assistant is activated!

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